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The New IIT tax rate table for 2018 Q4
2018-10-09Source:H & Trust Accounting Beijing

According the new tax regulation--Caishui (2018) NO. 98, the IIT for salary, bonus etc during Oct 2018 to Dec 2018 is subject to the following tax rate.

From 1st Jan 2019, every individual person has to do the annual IIT tax reconciliation return, The Implementation regulation for annual IIT tax return will announce soon. We shall wait for it. 

NoMonthly taxable income (CNY)Tax rateDeduction
23000< income <=1200010%210
312000< income <=2500020%1410
425000< income <=3500025%2660
535000< income <=5500030%4410
655000< income <=8000035%7160

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