H & Trust Accounting Beijing

A Beijing-based accounting, taxation and business advisory firm, H & Trust focuses on providing services to the Small and Medium size Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (‘WFOE’), Joint Venture(JV) and Representative Offices (RO) in Beijing.

At H & Trust, we recognize that you are unique, and you have unique requirements. Our professional financial service team provides specialized financial and tax services, including financial system design, financial accounting , taxation, payroll, management accounting, financial advisory services, etc. With our dedication to personalized service and adding real value, we work closely with you to understand your individual business and unique business requirements, allowing our experts to offer you the most up-to-date and expert advice for all of your needs .

Valued by our clients, continuous improvement on our rigorous and comprehensive service system and predominant business process which backed by advanced information system makes us as well as our clients more adaptive in this dynamic and ever changing market.

What you will get when you use our service:


You will get the same good service quality as your internal accountant.

You will save more cost than having your own accountant.

You will get fast response from us.

You will get your questions answered by our staff who dealing with your account in the first place. Not a sales person.

You will get answered in English all the time.

You will get asistant when you are difficult to conmunicate with a chinese company who did not speak english for an accounting related documents.

We invite you to find out more information about the individual services offered by H & Trust through visiting each of the icon listed as below or contact us directly.

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