After China's new labour contracts law came into force 1 Jan, 2008, employing staff in China is becoming more and more complicated, more so if you operate a national wide business. Items such as mandatory welfare payments and employee's education levels all have specific regional regulations regarding wages.

China government tends to revise minimum wage levels and welfare on an annual basis. In light of the new labor law, demand for professional, in-country payroll services is growing.

After your company was established in China, H & Trust provides flexible corporate payroll services that improve payroll management for employers of every size. We handle the time-consuming tasks of payroll processing and employee payroll tax filing so employers (regardless of their size) can focus on their business.

Payroll Service Details

1. Initial payroll setting up, which includes:

1.1. Employer registration with statutory social benefits center
1.2. Applying for employee's labour manual from relevant authorities (if applicable)
1.3. Update your China entity employee's personal details
1.4. Coordinate with bank of your China entity on proper payroll procedures (if applicable)
1.5. Assistant in opening personal bank account for each employee

2. Salary calculation and net salary payment arrangement

3. Preparation of your employee's pay slips

4. Payroll report for your local accountant

5. Assistant with external audits and inspection by social benefit authorities

6. Assistance in payroll system set up.


1   What cost need to be born  If  the company hires a full-time person in China.

     The social insurance—approxiate 31% of salary, 

      Housing fund—approxiate 12% of salary,

      Of course, the salary is main part of the cost.

2   If  the company hires a full-time expat, does the company pay social insurance for her/him?

     Yes, has to pay according to the regulation.

3   If work-permit is the necessary for a expat employee work as full-time for the company in China?

     Yes, expat need to get a work visa and apply a foreign employee license.